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You made this? I thought this was one of the larger sized ones that came with the car.

Nope, the Fashion Style that came with the car is much smaller and has brighter pink in her hair! I did mine off of a zilla (Styling Size?), which are the 22cm/8.5” ones that came out in the spring.

Here’s my FS with the rehair (+ a regular play-size and blind bag for comparison; I don’t have the Black Tie play-size yet :c) —

Don’t they have a fashion style size one in stores like that?

Yep! I wanted her in the bigger size though. :D

I really love the Black Tie/Pinkie’s Boutique line, so I made myself a zilla-size one! :B

She was rehaired in Dollyhair’s Heartthrob, Black Magic, and Blizzard (her forelock got a bit crimped, whoops) and I painted over her cutie mark, a nice and easy custom overall. I probably should’ve used more of a hot pink to match the rest of the line better but I like the Heartthrob with it so whatevs!

(Decade included because I realized halfway through that they share a color scheme and I think that’s hilarious, apparently I have a type)

Would your pony hair tutorial work on store bought plushes?

The plushies with brushable hair (not fabric hair like the Funrise plushies have) also use nylon hair, but it’s generally not a good idea to wash them. If you feel like you must, be very very VERY careful not to get the fabric of the plush wet — you can wrap a plastic bag around it and leave only the hair free to make this easier — and do NOT use any conditioner or styling product!

I personally just brush their hair and put it in elastics to keep it neat. :U I wouldn’t take the risk of washing one unless it was really nasty.

Have a good day!

you too! :D

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Pony sketchbook: pg 71

I am super mad that I didn&#8217;t think of this myself, it is perfect
(thank you!!)


Pony sketchbook: pg 71

I am super mad that I didn’t think of this myself, it is perfect

(thank you!!)


 ((MOD: lol i drew flutterbat as a steamquestria construct!! XD i wanted to draw her like this because i love the blog.

HERE: she’s a construct that’s in a horror show at the pier named “the real horror show” (extra cookies if you get the refferance). the wires pump out red colored tree sap/syrup for the effect in the show. sometimes it clogs the wires and she needs maitenance once or twice a year.   ))  ((Now i DID use a base off of deviantart for this because. as i said before, i don’t have my normal art program so i needed to improvise)


ahhh she came out great, thanks! ♥ I love her big ‘ol floofy skirt!

The Steamquestria blog says it's 'darker' than the usual fare, but It doesn't seem so yet. Should we brace for 'feels'?

hmm I think it’ll be a bit like Moonstuck, where most of it is pretty upbeat and light but with occasional moments of plot where everyone gets eaten by smooze!

(also just for the fact that we have people walking around whose faces fall off because they were in horrible accidents that required most of their body to be replaced with unreliable mechanical parts)

Silly question maybe but who are starcatcher and skywishes? And are they an actual couple? Thanks!

they’re G3 ponies, there were a couple of animated specials about them! and nah they’re not officially a couple, they’re just cuties together c:

(I have fabric-wing Starcatcher but not Skywishes. :( she is lonesome)