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Arrived in Florida. Still suspicious of palm trees.

Arrived in Florida. Still suspicious of palm trees.

  1. angelkiller777 said: Damn, what a view! I am so jealous.
  2. necroneko13 said: Where in Florida?!
  3. sandman-tgap said: Bah! It’s not the palm trees you’ve got to worry about. It’s any body of water you can’t see the bottom of. Chances are it will have a gator in it. That’s the real reason we put fences and screen cages around our pools, to keep the gators out.
  4. lordkuro said: As you should be. Having lived here my entire life, I know better than anyone that those fuckers are dangerous.
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  7. that-coolblue said: The Palm Trees are watching you because they want your fedora. Or the Non-Existent Woona.
  8. brevitybrony said: who did you get the blindbags from? or are those sculpts
  9. doctor-agon said: Honeymoon for the newly-weds? =P