not a clever title

mutedgrey replied to your photo: this was almost the April 1st update for Slice,…

Ah, but it’s so cute! A bit odd that ponies doesn’t exist at all though. Not even like a Welsh pony? Can we still human Mr. Cake sometime? Or hell, more of this in general? they’re adorable!

Ponies were outlawed in 1863 by PRESIDENT CELESTIA. Who is also a Princess in this world. Princess President Celestia.

uhh okay this was super-fast so I know it’s kind of wonky and Mr. Cake’s proportions don’t like me even as a pony, so I’m just gonna embarrass myself and get it over with:

Just looking at them makes me hungry for a chocolate malt (while Mr. Cake is hungry for Mrs. Cake’s hair, and I think she can tell). blaaaah I have no color sense.

Also Pinkie for the heck of it:

She started out kinda 50s because Pinkie always seems to be wearing a poodle skirt in my mind, but then the rest of her wanted to be fabulously 80s and who am I to tell her no. Clearly we need Melody to show up in Slice and they can be superhero rock star divas together.

It’s 2AM and that’s my only excuse, I’m sorry.

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