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eta: While these are sturdy stickers, the manufacturer has warned that they’re not intended to go on clothes and won’t stand up to going through a washer/dryer, so I didn’t even try that (I only tested what they’ve specifically said they can go through, just to make sure). In addition to what I did, they’re also supposed to have some UV-protection so they won’t sunfade, although obviously that would take much longer to test.

I wasn’t trying to destroy poor Spike or stretch the limits of the vinyl, only make certain that it would stand up to most everyday use, so I won’t be testing for extreme conditions or putting him on a blowtorch or anything. This is just to reassure everyone who ordered that they’re not going to end up with ruined stickers if they spill their drink on them or something. c:

Sticker endurance testing! Having never done stickers in vinyl before, I wanted to make sure that they really were all they were supposed to be. So I chose a victim (poor Spike, always gets the short stick) and tried it out!

(Spike is from my own set, so no worries, no one will be receiving a used sticker!)

I removed Spike from the backing and put him on the bottom of a ceramic dish. He removed and stuck easily. So far so good!

Test #1 - Water:

I ran him under cold water for 60 seconds, then wiped him off with a paper towel. No distortion or color variances occurred. He remained faithfully stuck to the dish and didn’t peel.

Water test: check!

Test #2 - Microwave:

I microwaved poor Spike for 60 seconds at full power (1400 watts). Again, no color changes, warping, or peeling was noted.

Microwave test: check!

Test #3 - Soda:

I poured a small puddle of Pepsi onto him, left it for about 60 seconds, and then washed it off and wiped him down with a paper towel. Still perfect! (No word on whether or not Spike is just a Pepsi fan.)

Soda test: check!

Test #4 - Detergent:

I put on a dot of dishwasher detergent, let it sit for about 60 seconds, then washed it off and dried him with a paper towel. Again, no noticeable differences, plus he smelled great!

Detergent test: check!

Test #5 - Removal:

These stickers are supposed to be removable, so I tried that out too…it took a little work to peel him off (although I take that as a good sign), and I had to be careful to keep him smooth, but he did come off pretty quickly and left no mark or residue behind. The adhesive was still sticky and he went back onto his paper backing with no trouble. Spike is still happy to be of service!

Removal test: check!


These stickers should hold up to most everyday use, unless you’re actively looking to destroy them (or really, really careless). Thanks for the demonstration, faithful dragon assistant!

Ego, could you make a separate image for science Woona's reaction in that last moon stuck post? It's to hilarious to not.